Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natural Beauty

To: Beauty Freaks
Unnoticeable make up
(School version)
Hey Beauties, tired of hearing the same thing everyday? Your Make-up's to thick for school, Make-up's not allowed in school?  Well a solution has arrived! Today i'll be sharing with you basic smart tricks, on how to achieve the unnoticeable make-up face for school.
So lets dive right to it!
Step 1:
 Okay, so face rituals first,before make-up:)
  •  Cleanser - This is the most important part in my morning rituals before going out.This helps your skin to rid of dirty bacteria and also to refresh and wake you up:)
  • Moisturizer - This is also a must!It makes your face soft and touchable.
Step 2:
 Now, make-up time:(Finally!)
Before applying make-up put this in mind:
  "Less is Better"

Concealer or foundation
  • It's either concealer or foundation,only choose one! 
  • Now, When putting concealer or foundation, make sure to apply in one direction.
  • Use a loose powder for better results.
  • Use a powder brush.
  • Don't use foundation powder.
Eyeliner - Most important step
  • Use a brown or black pencil liner (Only use pencil)
  • Method: Tight lining. Stay as close to your waterline as possible(Don't make it dark for a much natural effect)
  • Then curl your lashes.
  • Just put lip gloss or lip balm, with a shade of light pink.


  1. After cleansing pat with a clean towel, don't rub.
  2. Don't want a dewy look, minimize your moisturizer.
  3. Find a foundation or a concealer that matches your skin color.
  4. Eyeliner smudge:O Don't worry just get a cotton bud dip in a little moisturizer and just apply a bit.
  5. Brown eyeliner is more natural.
  6. Apply a little bit of mascara.
-The End-
"Less is better"